Ideal rollator walker for those with limited hand, arm and wrist strength.


Height, angle and depth adjustable forearm supports achieve optimal center of gravity for improved balance and weight redistribution. 3 handle types are included to the right support.


Polo Yano forearm walker has a lightweight, aluminum frame that is easy to maneuver but doesn’t sacrifice durability with a weight capacity. Ideal for those with limited hand, arm and wrist strength.


  Lightweight aluminum frame for durable maneuverability

  Padded forearm rests and ergonomically shaped handles for optimal comfort

  Dual-action hand brakes for speed control at your fingertips

  Height-adjustable armrests to suit your comfort and support needs

  Foldable frame for compact storage and convenient portability





  Small Medium Large
Depth 68cm 73cm 78cm
Width 68cm 68cm 68cm
Height of forearm support 94-100cm 100-113cm 107-126cm
Seat height 49cm 56cm 62cm
Seat width 48cm 48cm 48cm
Weight 9.0kg 9.2kg 9.4kg
Adjustments ×4 ×7 ×10
Rated capacity 120kg 120kg 120kg