Rebotec Germany is headquartered in Quakenbrück, Artland Germany. We design, make our own precision tooling and manufacture all in-house, Germany.

German engineering is culturally synonymous with high quality, durable craftsmanship and sound, efficient design. Choose REBOTEC, a better quality option.

REBOTEC uniquely designs, builds own tooling, manufactures and assembles in Quakenbrück Germany. Premium quality, made in Germany. Precise in-house built tooling and low manufacturing tolerances produce an exceptionally high quality product.

Every one of our chairs, walkers and pair of crutches is brimming with experience gathered over several decades.The staff are well trained, responsible and looked after to prioritise reliability, consistency and quality control over volume and profit. Highly trained employees are our guarantee of quality.

We test safety to exceed all applicable international quality standards. All ours equipment goes through months and years of stringent CE certification.